Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for being accepted at Woodfield Academy?

  • All applicants must have a professionally diagnosed learning difference and a current psychological evaluation. All applicants are interviewed by the administration and acceptance is based on Woodfield Academy’s ability to meet the educational, emotional and social needs of each student.

Is there tuition assistance available at Woodfield Academy?

  • At this time, we do not have a tuition assistance program, but we do accept the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship.

What is the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship?

  • The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (GSNS) Program is a scholarship program for special education students created by Senate Bill 10 (SB-10) during the 2007 State of Georgia Legislative session. Please refer to http://public.doe.k12.ga.us/sb10.aspx for further information about the scholarship program.

Is Woodfield Academy accredited?

  • Yes. Woodfield Academy is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC).

Can Woodfield Academy students attend college?

  • Yes. All Woodfield Academy High School students receive a diploma that allows for attendance in the State of Georgia University System and possibly many of the private colleges & universities within and outside of Georgia. Approximately 90% of all Woodfield Academy students attend schools of higher learning.

Is there a dress code?

  • Yes. Woodfield Academy’s dress code may be found in the student life section and/or in the 2017 - 2018 student handbook.

Does Woodfield Academy have a lunch program?

  • Yes.


What are the school hours?

Administrative Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
Administrative Summer Office Hours Monday and Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm
Regular School Hours Monday - Friday 8:25am-2:55pm
After School Program Hours Monday - Friday 3:30pm-5:30pm

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