Renovation Project

Woodfield is currently preparing for a large, phased outdoor renovation to transform our 4.87 acres of land into learning and play spaces. This is a three-phase project and our goal is to have it completed within three years. The project is not about constructing new buildings – we want to use what we have to create outdoor learning environments.

nature-smartThis project will include numerous natural and built features for students and teachers to use and enjoy, including:

  • Amphitheaters
  • Nature Trail
  • Outdoor Court
  • Treehouses
  • … and more!

With this project, our goal is to increase our ability to interact and instruct our students by utilizing our beautiful campus as an outdoor classroom. However, we also want to open this environment to share with partners and members of the community.


Research has shown that kids today spend over 50 hours a week on digital devices and over 90% of their time indoors. Frightening statistics like these have led to a global movement towards reconnecting children with the natural, green world. While traditional education is important and necessary, the ability to go outside and learn about something firsthand rather than simply from a textbook truly benefits the students. This is the idea behind Nature-Smart –  when a plant, an animal, or any other aspect of nature is tangible and observable, learning about it becomes a far more engaging form of education.

Our student-teacher ratio allows us to provide this unique learning experience. Teachers are able to work more closely with students and help them develop a more in-depth understanding of the natural world and the way it works. We have found that when students are not solely confined to a classroom, but instead are given the opportunity to go out and make connections with the plants and animals they have learned about, their ability to learn and understand is greatly enhanced.

If you would like to learn more about the Nature-Smart philosophy and why we believe in it, check out the following:

Woodfield is dedicated to providing children with an engaging, nature-smart education.

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