Don’t feed ducks bread because ducks and other aquatic birds need a balanced diet. Ducks can get angel wing when they don’t eat nutritional food. Angel wing makes a duck unable to fly. Then the duck dies. If you feed the ducks, feed them thawed peas or corn kernels. ~ Wyatt, Kaleb and Liam from Mrs. Alderman’s class.

Our Citizen Scientist Project

Our class has been looking for ways to serve our community through citizen science projects. This year we have collected data for eBird. EBird is a website used around the world to collect data on bird species. People send the information to Cornell University where other people can use the information to predict bird migrations, to understand what habitat loss does to bird populations, to understand environmental changes, etc. The data can be used by anyone to conduct experiments.

We have also done experiments on the types of food birds like at our feeders and what types of weather the chipmunks on campus prefer.

2018 was named The Year of the Bird by National Geographic, Audubon, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and other organizations because it is the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. To celebrate, our class decided to make other people aware of what can be done to help birds survive. We asked Mayor Robert Reichert to proclaim April 7, 2018 as Macon Youth Birders Day. Our class will help educate other kids about 5 things that can make a big difference for our bird population in Georgia