Nature-smart schools are few and far between, and for some, they are unheard of. Woodfield, located in Macon, is the first to stake this claim in Middle Georgia.

For many years, Woodfield has been developing and becoming nature-smart by lessons learned from our students. They continue to show us what is needed; what works and what does not work. These relationships are authentic; they have given life to a blessed community of learners where children, adolescents and adults are growing together.

We’re building on our strengths and nature-smart principles support our endeavors. Small classrooms with caring and dedicated adults foster individual progress for our students. The curriculum is rich with academic as well as life (skill) experiences. We work to meet our students where they are both academically and developmentally.

The Woodfield campus meets the definition of a Green Schoolyard. According to the Children and Nature Network, “We envision Green Schoolyards as multi-functional school grounds designed for and by the school community that offer places for students, teachers, parents and community members to play, learn, explore and grow. During out-of-school time these schoolyards are ideally open to the community to use.” They can include:

  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Native gardens
  • Storm water capture
  • Traditional play equipment
  • Natural play areas
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Trails
  • Trees and more

Curriculum has been created, programs and clubs have emerged, land has been cleared, gardens planted, extra years of study have been added, partnerships have been forged, we have even seen the need to place disc golf targets all about the property. There are many more examples.

Today, we have a unique master plan to transform the entire campus into usable outdoor learning and play space, designed to provide our school community with the ideal resources for our nature-smart curriculum. As we work to make this renovation project a reality, we are growing in a natural and organic way, into what Woodfield is supposed to be.