November is a time of reflection, gratitude, and counting your blessings. When I reflect over the past and count my blessings Woodfield is always at the top. I do not know where my family would be without Woodfield. 

As a parent of a special needs child, the journey can be long, lonely, and uncertain. When we found Woodfield we knew we were home. We were loved and cared for. We had a network of support and guidance who only had our child’s best interest at heart. The skills he learned has led him to be successful in a career path that he loves and thrives in. He found a community where he could be himself and be accepted. He made friends, went to prom, went to parties, and was able to have a high school experience. He had a relationship with his teachers and knew he could talk to them and get direction for life issues. He knew he was in a safe place. How wonderful is that?

I have had the privilege of being a teacher at Woodfield. There is no other place I would rather teach than here.  I treasure being a part of this family. The teachers really do love and care for each of the students. I enjoy hearing the laughter radiate in the halls and seeing all the students engaged in the lessons. There is nothing better than seeing a student conquer a fear or learn a skill they have been working so hard on.  Our teachers cheer them on and rejoice with them. Woodfield teachers work together and support one another. We are a dynamic group. This is the #WoodfieldWay.

I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father brought us to Woodfield. He is so faithful and good to us. He loves us and gently brings us where we need to be. Woodfield is a treasure and has made our lives better.


Mrs. Yelverton