As we return from Spring Break, it is hard to believe that we only have a few more weeks left of this school year to complete!! Where did the time go??   

As I reflect on the year so far, it begins to make sense. There have been many interesting novels read, more essays written than I can count, Pyramids made from clay as we studied different parts of the world, and going to eat at a Japanese restaurant after studying Japanese culture. I cannot forget helping the students understand the workings of the economy to understand finances and what that will look like for them as they go out into the world in all aspects of their lives and livelihoods.  We even looked at current news everyday to understand what was and is going on around the world. 

Wow!!  What a busy year it has been, but the rewards were worth it all. I look at my classes and the students and have to smile. I have seen the comprehension levels and understandings of what they have read come to light. As they write their essays they no longer say, “another one?”. I have seen their minds and opinions open up as we delved into world issues and how they can be a part in making the world a better place. Last, but not least, I know that when they begin their careers after leaving Woodfield, they will be comfortable and understand how the world of finance actually works and will not be as daunting to them.

I have been a part of this wonderful Woodfield Academy family for 19 years, and I still look forward to reflecting on “my kids” each and every year. I marvel at all of their accomplishments and their confidences that they now hold.

As the reflections start to dwindle, my planning for the next school year begins!!

Iris House