Winter can be a breather from the busyness of our hectic lives.  While providing us with long night and shorter days, this span of colder weather delivers an all-important season of dormancy.  As a part of nature, we have this breather

that allows us an interval of renewal and replenishment.  

As we are restored by winter, we can relax a bit in the peaceful tranquility of knowing we are being furnished with energy and strength to face the season of growth.  Rest is essential to our well-being.  It brings the capacity to grow and mature.  If we are going to bloom, we must have a prior stretch of peace, calm, replenishment.  

It is not lost on me that Woodfield Academy provides many blooming, young individuals with just this respite.  Our school environment delivers strength, muscle, and aptitude to students that have not experienced such a gentleness in other academic settings.  Our personal, supporting nature smart experience is the salve needed for our students to thrive.

While the winter season can bring its storms, it ultimately gives us rejuvenation for the coming seasons.  Woodfield Academy is amid activities, field trips, instruction, and sharing of daily life, and doing so while restoring strength and capacity to its students.  We look forward to spring.  We look forward to the amazing growth of our students. 

Bridget Braley

Middle School Teacher