As we wrap up the end of the school year, I like to reflect on the year here at Woodfield. Woodfield is such a special place that has touched so many lives. Not only students but families and teachers. It’s incredible to see students begin their first year at Woodfield and watch them flourish as the days pass. Parents are joyful to see their children come home from school with a smile on their faces. 

This school year has brought so many wonderful memories. We have done so much hands-on life skills learning. We have gone out in our community and volunteered our time. Some of my favorite trips were singing Christmas carols to the assisted living home, walking around downtown Macon learning about navigation, or picking strawberries in the field. We are always finding ways to get our students outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Woodfield is more than just a school, it’s a family. Everyone feels accepted for who they are. Differences are embraced and welcomed. My wish is for every child to experience a hands-on approach like Woodfield. A place where they feel accepted, appreciated, and valued. I look forward to the warm summer days ahead but I will cherish the last few days with students and pray for a safe and fun summer ahead.