About Woodfield Academy

Mission Statement
Woodfield Academy empowers students with diagnosed learning differences or developmental disorders to reach their maximum potential through an individualized education approach.
Is it possible to imagine a world where every person has the same learning style, life style, parenting style and personality style? We take the wonderful diversity of our universe for granted, but the truth is, human variation is vastly beyond our ability to comprehend.  When it comes to schooling, however, the traditional approach is to consider the needs of "average" or "normal" students when setting curriculum and instruction standards.  Students with needs beyond the average level are considered to have "special needs", requiring extra service for successful learning.  In this model, we attempt to understand individual children by comparing each to another through norm-based standardized testing.
We should not be surprised by common sentiment that traditional approaches to education seem to be failing so many children - OR - as we typically say, so many children are failing in school.
The goal of Woodfield's program is to understand the unique strengths and needs of each child from a holistic perspective.  We individualize and differentiate instruction, assessment and transition planning based on the academic, social, emotional, physical and sensory needs of each student.
Why Choose Woodfield Academy?
Woodfield specializes in small classes and individualized education.  The environment is calm and peaceful, and the curriculum is based on a holistic philosophy of child development.  A warm social-emotional climate fosters a culture of community and belonging.
The impact of failure in school can be devastating, and can lead to lifelong issues with self-esteem, character development, and unrealized goals and dreams.  At the core of Woodfield's mission is the belief that every person owns the birthright to understanding and acceptance in this world.  Furthermore, all of us should have access to the best and most appropriate preparation for life.
Advantages of Woodfield Academy

  • Student to teacher classroom ratio no more than 10 to 1
  • Research based methods and materials to match learning styles
  • Emphasis placed on organizational and study skills as well as academics
  • The development of social and life skills is an important aspect of curriculum design
  • Safe environment in which to learn ethical decision-making skills
  • Development of friendships, values and feelings of self-worth


Hours of Operation

Administrative Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
Administrative Summer Office Hours Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm
Regular School Hours Monday - Friday 8:25am-2:55pm
After School Program Hours Monday - Friday 3:30pm-5:30pm

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

  • Patrick Pritchard, Ph.D. - Board Chair
  • Becky Sessions, M.Ed. - Head of School
  • Richard Canipe - Treasurer
  • Pamela Webster, M.Ed. - Secretary
  • Connie Sealy - Member at Large
  • Susan Clay
  • Kelda Cubit
  • Robert Fountain
  • Joshua Hale
  • L.T. Hanna
  • Michael Mayo

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